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"The nature of the soul is to sing and dance." ~Carmon Coutinho

     A major part of being and staying healthy is engaging the creative process. Here are some music offerings that Joseph Sengco composed. His clients have found that the first three songs, especially, are good accompaniment for their own movement explorations or for tai chi, yoga, or qi gong. The fourth song, “Love is a Dream,” is inspired by Joseph’s yoga master's poetry. “My Life” is an original composition in a more upbeat style.

     Additionally, for information about private music lessons with Joseph, please inquire. He teaches piano, guitar, voice and dance, and is available to perform at birthday parties and other functions. Joseph’s students say he makes learning musical instruments fun and finds ways to keep them interested and open to music.

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Community Building          During COVID

     In the spring of 2020, every evening at 7:30pm, my block started celebrating the front-line health care workers. It originally started with drumming on pots and pans, and then evolved into music and having a bubble machine. Through the gift of live music, we had the opportunity to get to know our neighbours. My block has an array of people from many different backgrounds. A few of them are elderly and have physical challenges. These folks report loving the opportunity to listen to music. My neighbour, who has a three year old and seven year old boy, commented on how much her boys enjoyed coming together once a day. Below is a compilation video she made.

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