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Joseph Sengco has a gift of noticing where clients hold tension and helping them dissolve tension in order to gain more possibilities.

At first, “Sadhana for Life” sessions usually begin with gentle physical explorations to identify capacities, goals, and tension patterns. Adults may be guided to explore shoulder, neck, hip, and back movements and coached in efficient and full breathing to support circulation and movement. (Work with children is done in a more playful and age-appropriate way). Then movements, exercises, creative explorations, games, and follow-up self-practice are recommended to support the wellness journey.  

     Joseph says: “My clients and their family members or caregivers say I have a very calming, encouraging presence. They say I have a unique ability to identify the essence of what is needed, and share new, simple options for greater health. I combine diverse approaches creatively to introduce new ways to move and grow in a light, fun, and easy way. I have helped babies, athletes, and adults of all ages to find more range and efficiency in their movements. When working with older adults, they or their grown children often want the elder to ‘return to a younger version of themselves,’ whereas I view my work as helping people maximize whatever they are currently capable of, and help everyone feel acceptance about the present.” 

New clients usually start with a phone consultation or short in-person consultation, then try a 45-minute or hour-long session, then decide whether to continue weekly (or biweekly), or for a series of five weekly sessions, for example.

60 minutes: $110

45 minutes: $90

Initial consultations are free; and please inquire for a reduced introductory rate. Sessions can be done online or in person, and outdoors or in the client’s home if desired. 

Everyone has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are financially challenged, feel free to ask about a discount.

Joseph has counseled and provided therapy for people of all ages in individual and group sessions and classes. He shares his work in schools, hospitals, senior homes, workplaces, and other settings, and invites family members or caregivers to be present and involved in a supporting role as appropriate (especially when working with children and older/frail seniors). His background includes helping people with depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other cognitive and physical challenges in the geriatric psychiatry unit of a hospital for many years as a Geriatric Counselor/Activities Director, helping increase clients’ comfort with their bodies, with exercise, and with social interactions. He teaches tai chi, yoga, and qi gong, and is a Reiki Master. He received his Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy from Antioch New England Graduate School. Joseph was born in Manila, Philippines, and has lived in Toronto since 2008. He also teaches piano, guitar, voice and dance. For information about his music lesson offerings, please inquire.

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About "Sadhana"

My yoga and spiritual master, Carmon Coutinho, defined Sadhana as "the journey within," and his organization (in Montreal) was called Sadhana. I honour his memory by calling my work “Sadhana for Life,” and continuing his mission to provide guidance in helping people find their own path to improved health. The night before he died, he sang his composition, “Love is a Dream,” which can be found on the Music page of this website.

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