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Joseph Sengco is the author of “The Handbook for the Curious Yogi" and "The Essence of Tai Chi" and contributes to journals/magazines.

“The Handbook of the Curious Yogi” chronicles the tales of a curious yogi apprentice as he delves into the philosophy embedded in Yogic practices. Join Joseph as he discovers the depths of the soul while sharing his conversations and lessons with his yoga master, Carmon Coutinho. To purchase the book, follow the link below.

"Exploration is more important than belief." ~Carmon Coutinho

“The Essence of Tai Chi” is a practical handbook of Tai Chi, with a brief overview of its history and philosophy. One thing that makes this book unique is that many of the exercises described are done seated. To purchase the book, contact Joseph Sengco.

Follow the link below for Joseph's articles dance for Contact Quarterly magazine.

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