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Sadhana for Life

Supporting your journey of health and wellness

     Helping individuals and their families find practical ways to increase physical, cognitive, and emotional health and increase their sense of harmony and balance through coaching sessions that blend: 

  • Dance and Music Therapy-Inspired Approaches

  • Embodied Stress Reduction 

  • Yoga and Tai Chi-Inspired Offerings

  • Reiki Therapy (when appropriate and desired)

     Joseph Sengco is an intuitive coach and healer. He brings together his health background as a fitness instructor, dance therapist, tai chi instructor, and a reiki and yoga practitioner with his music and dance teaching background, to address each client’s health and well-being. Joseph guides individuals to be curious in seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle, typically through weekly one-on-one sessions, while encouraging clients to explore new creative endeavors and uncover hidden potentials. Music and dance and the creative side are optional elements; many clients focus completely on just increasing physical capacities and decreasing pain, discomfort, or limitations.

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“Joseph is sensitive, intuitive, knowledgeable and likeable.”

~Tamara M

“Joseph has helped me to lessen my aches and pains with simple stretching and strengthening exercises. He has helped me lessen my discomfort with sciatica and vertigo. He is very professional, while also adding humor and laughter into our sessions.”

~Judy L.

“I have been having one-on-one sessions, online, with Joseph during the pandemic. Although my hands are still twisted from arthritis, with his help I am now able to get in and out of the bathtub. Also, his reminders about neck, shoulder and jaw tension have allowed me to be pain free. I really appreciate it.”

~Alice T

“One of my students, Jimmy, wrote this at the end of 10 weeks of yoga with me: “Yoga with Joseph reduced my worrying about things I have no control over, and helped me appreciate all the wonderful things in the world.” Jimmy had Crohn’s Disease, which affected his physical, emotional and mental health. During the term that he was my student, Jimmy lost 20 pounds. I do not think that just taking yoga helped him; rather, it motivated him to do things for his happiness and well-being.”

~Joseph Sengco with Jimmy D

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